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Pakistan is the land of the Indus River, which flows through the country for 1,600 miles; from the Himalayan Mountains to the Arabian Sea. It is a land of snow covered peaks and burning deserts, of fertile mountain valleys and irrigated plains. Created in 1947 as a homeland for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan is inhabited by some 200 million people speaking over 20 different languages with their own unique culture, yet all united by the Islamic faith.

‘The Land of the Pure’ (English translation of the word “Pakistan”) is strategically placed on the crossroads of Asia, where the silk roads from China to the Mediterranean meet the routes from India and Central Asia. For thousands of years this junction has been a melting pot of diverse cultures, attracting traders and adventurers, pilgrims and holy men, helping create a deep and ancient cultural base.


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  • Hunza Valley
  • Naran Kaghan
  • Skardu Valley
  • Neelum Valley
  • Swat Valley
  • Muree
  • Fairy Meadows
  • Chitral Kalash