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AAK (Aiman Abdullah Kayani Trust) is a voluntary, non-profit making organization working in the field of community development. Registered under trust act 1882 Islamabad Sub Registrar Office, Registration 1228 dated 23rd May 2016.It specializes in training for health education and promotion, literacy, human rights, environment, family planning, and human relations activities and especially moral characters of people in all stage of society. Under honorary Advisors;

  • Lt. Gen. (R) Azhar Rashid, (SI), Ex-Surgeon General of Pakistan.
  • Brig. (R) Dr. Obaid Ullah Ranjha, Ex-Registrar, NUML,Islamabad Pakistan.

Co-Founder Mr. Raja Qaiser Iqbal has served in hospitality sector with Pakistan and abroad more then 20 years and started his own business in Pakistan in 2011 with the name of Aiman Abdullah Kayani Group and the major activities of the group are contractor, supplier and medical equipment suppliers in government and private sectors.

In 2016 Mr.Raja Qaiser Iqbal established network of social institution plays a key role in the protection and promotion of the economic and social well-being of citizens and providing quality of education, awareness and health care in the spirit of society especially for poor and middle class family, enfranchised and irrespective of caste and creed.

Our Objectives:

  1. Health:
  • To spread awareness about STD and HIV and work for the welfare of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • To work in field of reproductive and child health, Cancer like Breast, Skin, Blodder, Leprosy, Diabetics, Hepatitis B & C, Bones Diseases, Heart, Eyes, treatment services etc.
  • To create awareness about communicable and vector-borne disease control measures through better hygiene and sanitation.
  • To narrow the difference between the health status of people on the basis of their religion, region, caste, class and gender.
  • To work with female’s particular diseases e.g. leucorrhoea, cysts, poly cystic ovaries, fibroids, threatened abortions, pelvic infectious diseases (P.I.D) etc that cause of unbirth for whole life.


  1. Education, Research & Training:
  • To promote education especially girls education
  • To conduct educational, envirmental and sociological studies.
  • To promote use of information & communication technology (ICT) for socio-economic development of the community.
  • To organize training and refresher programs for the volunteers and officials of different Non Government Organizations to strengthen the development skill of trainees through IEC (information, education and communication) which they can use in the development sector.
  • To disseminate information and knowledge, to edit, publish, print literature and documents, maintain libraries and to organize seminars/conference/meetings etc.
  • To establish educational, professional and vocational institutions.
  • To organize lectures, seminars and workshops to help or strengthen the character building process.


  1. Development:
  • To promote social welfare activities with special emphasis on women empowerment.
  • To work for the betterment of weakness sections viz. SC/ST, women,, children, senior citizens, and disabled etc. with a vision of social justice.
  • To speed up the process of rural development and strengthen the agricultural, horticultural and animal husbandry sector.
  • To eliminate child labor, child trafficking, and child abuse and focus on the education and re-settlement of these deprived children.
  • To form self-help groups and cooperatives and run income generation activities by linking them with banks through micro-credit.
  • To establish old age homes, crèches, orphan houses, rural and urban development activities etc.
  • To grant aid/or assistance, financial or otherwise, to colleges, hospitals, dispensaries and other institutions or establishments. Treatment of patients belonging to the poorer sections of the society?
  • To give Scholarship and other help or assistance either financial or otherwise to poor, needy and deserving students for obtaining education or allied fields and for going abroad for advanced studies.
  • To do all other acts deeds and things as may be necessary and conductive for the attainment of the said objects.
  • To work for environmental awareness, sustainable development and participative management of local natural resources for village level development.
  • To fight against social wrongs like discrimination and harassment based on gender, caste and class.
  • To create awareness among people about functions and powers to increase people’s participation in democratic institutions.
  • To create awareness about disaster management and emergency relief.
  • To fight against corruption and make people aware about their legal and consumer and Human rights.
  • To collaborate with corporate houses to fulfill their social responsibilities.
  • Policy formulation and implementation:
  • To work with the government and other NGOs at the policy formulation level.
  • To affirmatively coordinate with the State and Central Government in implementation of developmental schemes.

Target Community:

  • Children
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Agriculture workers and other socially-economically oppressed groups


Areas of Work:

  • Educational Promotional Initiatives among children and under privileged
  • Nutrition and Health promotion activities among Women and Children in rural areas
  • Skill development and livelihood programs
  • Sustainable Agricultural development programs
  • Research Activities of Health and Education in all the areas